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'Take it easy' with Grower and Favini

Grower Cosmetics, a eco-brand based out of St Petersburg in Russia, produces small batches of skin care products based on hemp oil and natural ingredients. They needed packaging that could convey the brands natural identity and be produced in short print runs.

Their eco-friendly seven-sided cylinder box allows the customer to unbox and see all the products at once. This simple but stylish packaging design sticks to understated earth tones and suggest you 'start chilling'.

The packaging is made with cardboard and CrushOlive from Favini, an ecological paper obtained from the creative re-use of agro-industrial waste. Making it a perfect match for this eco-cosmetics business. The printed packaging boasts silkscreen printing and foil marking and was designed by Yan Zaretsky of Munk Design.

Grower Cosmetics -

Munk Design -

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