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BellaGiada elevates Dublin Liberties’ King of Hell whiskey

BellaGiada has recently collaborated with Dublin Liberties Distillery, to create an exceptional packaging design for the exclusive 27 year old limited edition single malt whiskey, King of Hell. The whiskey is part of a premium range of whiskeys that represent legendary 17th or 18th century stories from the Liberties district of Dublin, where the distillery is located.

The King of Hell story revolves around the Eagle Tavern in Dublin, where the Hell Fire Club, led by Richard Parsons, gathered for their extravagant activities. Richard Parsons and his associates adopted a black cat as their secret symbol and the motto ‘Do What Thou Wilt’, which was shocking to society during that era.

After an initial release of the whiskey, Dublin Liberties asked BellaGiada to create a new packaging design that would reflect the disruptive and unruly character of this ‘hellraiser’ brand. BellaGiada designed a pack that not only complemented the existing 700 ml bottle and 50 ml miniature but also conveyed its own distinctive allure.

Drawing inspiration from the 1600s materials of the Hell Fire Club era, the pack incorporated dark matt materials, foil blocking, and debossing, adding an air of mystique and historical significance. The Dublin Liberties logo and a metal King of Hell crown were tastefully inset into a bespoke recess on the matte black material, showcasing attention to detail. Internally, the miniature was securely nestled in the main body of the pack, held in place by a 'shoulder' gold accent, exuding opulence and sophistication. A touch of magic was introduced with a light sensitive LED illuminating the miniature skull bottle, placed on a luxurious black silk cushion. Opening the pack with its period 'O ring' handle is an experience that delights the senses.

Each pack was adorned with a metal plaque bearing the engraved bottle number, elevating the exclusivity of each King of Hell spirit. To complete the package's finesse, the structural team ingeniously crafted a corrugated shipper, providing optimal protection during transit, all while adhering to BellaGiada's commitment to sustainability by avoiding plastic based packaging materials.

The resounding success of the promotional campaign resulted in a complete sell out of all King of Hell bottles within an astounding 12 months, setting the stage for Dublin Liberties' next eagerly anticipated limited edition, scheduled for release in early 2024.

Commenting on the packaging, BellaGiada’s Simon Dipple, said: ‘We take immense pride in partnering with Dublin Liberties and crafting a packaging design that perfectly encapsulates the disruptive and unruly character of the 'hellraiser' brand. Demonstrating outstanding design innovation, the new pack rectifies the challenges faced during the first release, while remaining within budget.’

The pack will be on display on stand J30 at London Packaging Week, held on 21 and 22 September at ExCeL London.

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