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Love knows no reason

A small olive grove near Évora has been passed down from generation to generation, like a family heirloom, despite the great difficulty to maintain it. To keep it going, the current generation decided to bottle and sell the olive oil.

Because it is a small production, with the inherent limitations to competitiveness, they recognised the tourist potential and needed packaging that targeted the public, focusing on local points of sale located near tourist attractions.

The Azeite Olive Oil producers worked with Rita Rivotti design agency in Portugal and the concept of the 'Amor é cego' (Love is blind) statue emerged, as part of a set of decorative figurines (Figurado de Estremoz) made from clay throughout centuries by artisans in the Alentejo to portray feelings, local trades and sacred figures.

Designer João Miguel Rosado worked on the concept, name and packaging and soon the blindfolded figure was added to the bottle's label and the packaging carried the story.

The 'Amor é cego' figure, blindfolded and adorned in festive attire, symbolises the irrationality of love. The same love this family feels for their land.

Each bottle, which contains extra virgin olive oil produced from traditional varieties by the devoted family, is also a decorative piece, a memento of the region and a true icon of popular culture. The packaging is a simple, ecological and affordable solution, that also serves to showcase this charming little bottle.

This project was a bestseller and sold out in the first months, leading the family to expand its production to other olive groves, with the same love.

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