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The Label Makers works with Spirit of Manchester Distillery

The Label Makers’ impressive track record of providing leading spirits brands with striking, stand out labels continues, as it works with Spirit of Manchester Distillery to launch a new spiced botanical rum called One-Eyed Rebel.

More known for its core gin range, this has been the distillery’s first foray into the rum category, which is set to grow by 9% in the UK this year, with flavoured and spiced rums being the biggest growth drivers.

In creating the distiller’s vibrant label, The Label Makers initially printed the main print part of the design digitally, thereby providing high definition print which was integral for the parrot imagery. Inspired by old rum barrels, a 360° belly band of gold foil was then added to create a seal around the bottle. In keeping with the nature of the product, the brand name had to be subtle but distinguished. To achieve this, ‘One-Eyed Rebel’ was repeatedly embossed around and into the gold band to create a dimensional seal of authenticity to the product.

‘The final label looks great,’ said Jennie Wiggins, co-founder and director of the Spirit of Manchester Distillery. ‘We worked closely with The Label Makers to achieve the right brightness of colour we were after, and, as always, the company has been wonderful and really helped us to get the finished product we were looking for. We have known The Label Makers for a number of years now and its ongoing communication throughout projects like this is brilliant. It always keep us updated with progress and timescales and manages expectations extremely well.’

Ben Robinson, The Label Makers’ business development manager, said: ‘Working on the One-Eyed Rebel was a real pleasure. Over the years, we have established a great working relationship with the Spirit of Manchester Distillery and look forward to continuing this for the future.’

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