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The Label Makers’ stand out labels delight Forged Spirits

Bradford based label manufacturer, The Label Makers, recently worked with West Yorkshire distiller, Forged Spirits, to produce a series of impactful labels for a new product launch. The labels were destined for the new eight bottle small batch gin collection, as well as vodka and rum spirits, scheduled for release in 2022/23.

Using The Label Makers for this project not only suited the distiller’s carbon footprint reduction aspirations with the label manufacturer located nearby, it also complemented the aim of supporting local businesses, given that the products’ primary and secondary packaging was also being produced in the vicinity.

With designs by local design agency, Rhubarb Design House, the material for the labels needed to meet two criteria – it had to hold strong deep colour printing, whilst also offering a natural texture and pattern. The chosen material contained a subtle herringbone pattern throughout the label, adding a near engraved finish within the foil when transferred. The pattern in the material also aligned perfectly with the Art Deco design of the label and the bottle itself.

To enhance the premium nature of the products, the label set incorporated hot foils. Different shades of foil were used through all products to help distinguish each category – being either gin, vodka or rum. In addition to the foil, a secondary high build gloss varnish embellishment was included to create a contrast of finishes when viewed at different angles.

Commenting on the labels, Forged Spirits founder, Gary Ford, said: ‘Stunning, amazing, couldn’t be happier! As my son Noah, said perfectly, ‘You used to make homebrew – now you have a product!’. The Label Makers has amazing communication and working with them has been easy.

‘Between the company and my designers, they came up with several enhancements to our current label that really make us stand out from the crowd. I put pressure on The Label Makers time wise and it delivered the finished labels 10 days from the proofs being signed off!’

‘It was a joy to work with Gary and the team at Rhubarb Design,’ added The Label Makers’ Ben Robinson. ‘Gary had a clear objective of how he wanted the label packaging to look and feel and I am delighted that we met his brief in full and without compromise.’

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