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Partnership brings RFID inventory management to global markets

Sato has partnered with Xerafy to bring pioneering metal skin radio frequency identification (RFID) labels to the automotive, manufacturing and healthcare global markets through its range of RFID enabled printers.

The Xerafy Metal Skin RFID labels, which provide real time traceability and asset management visibility, are easy to print from a Sato RFID enabled printer – such as the CT4-LX and CLNX Plus series – and flexible due to their ability to be used both on and off metal. In addition, the Rain UHF RFID labels are ultra thin due to their design and can be read up to five metres on metal and up to four metres off metal.

‘Our Metal Skin series offers customers in manufacturing, automotive and healthcare with a cost effective way to track stock in and out of operations,’ said Michel Gillmann, director product and marketing at Xerafy. ‘Since the labels operate with global Rain RFID frequencies, they provide the best fit for international supply chains as they work with a wide range of applications – from IT assets to product authentication and medical supplies.’

The innovative product has already been successfully used by Sichuan Airlines, the largest airline in western China, to reduce inventory time of its 60,000 maintenance, repair and operating parts by 80%. Daily inventory counts, which used to take two employees up to eight hours to complete, can now be finished in just under three hours, while fixed inventory counts take two weeks, instead of 80 days.

‘Our RFID system has made it possible for Sichuan to not only identify the exact location of missing parts and consumables, but it has completely eliminated manual data entry associated with the inventory process, reducing human error,’ added Michel.

As a Sato Partner for over five years, Xerafy has worked closely with the auto ID and labelling expert to enable large scale industrial RFID projects on customer sites. The Metal Skin series is now the latest range of RFID labels that can be used with Sato industrial printers. Available in four different sizes to incorporate human readable printing, barcodes and graphics, the product’s flexibility makes it ideal for tracking small parts and medical devices.

Laurent Lassuss, head of Europe managing director at Sato Europe, said: ‘It has been a pleasure working with Xerafy to enable its new series of RFID labels on our range of intelligent printers. The company’s forward thinking nature and incredible creativity is a perfect match for Sato. We look forward to working on future large scale customer projects.’

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