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High spirits in the bath

Creating distinction in the crowded luxury personal care market isn’t easy. Especially with bubble baths, a category known for creative packaging and established branding.

That’s why Thymes turned to Berlin Packaging to deliver a packaging experience that truly creates brand and shelf distinction. Thymes specified that they wanted a package that conveys what awaits inside, mounds of luxurious bubbles enriched with conditioning humectant glycerin and revitalizing sakura and noni extracts.

The Berlin Packaging team worked with Thymes to switch to a 375ml stock flint glass bottle typically used for spirits packaging. The clear glass showcases the beautiful array of product colors and creates a true premium feel. The cork closure has a decorative paper overlay with a paper band label to clearly display the brand. Each variety - Aqua Coralline, Eucalyptus, Goldleaf, Lavender, Neroli Sol, Tupelo Lemongrass, Vanilla Blanc – has a decorative label to compliment the scent profile, while not detracting from the beautiful flint glass bottles. The resulting package is undoubtedly premium providing brand distinction in a complex category.

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