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Golden Dragon goes for Chickens and Rabbits

Mooncakes are popular treats in Thailand, given and eaten at the mid-autumn or moon festival, but how to best make your brand stand out?

Golden Dragon, a brand of S&P Syndicate, went to designers Dusadee Lamkijja and Chanwut Hothai for their packaging inspiration...

The designers used the lucky gold and red colouring alongside the auspicious animals, chickens and rabbits, on new printed metal boxes for the traditional cakes and paperboard boxes for mini-cakes to stand out from the competition.

The brand strategy was to convey quality and appeal to both Thai and Chinese customers in modern but traditional manner. They used good design, offset printing and foil stamping to achieve this.

Metal box: 2 designed, chicken and grasshopper + rabbit and moon. Created Ancient Thai pattern fill in chicken and rabbit. By pick up pattern from original Thai art temple wall painting, some pattern from pagoda ceramic decorating. Collage all pattern together. Illustration by oil colors hand painting on canvas.

Paper box: 2 designed, chicken + rabbit. By created an outline of Chinese folk cut-paper and designed cutting Ancient Thai pattern inside. Illustration by hand drawn. Printing hot stamp gold color on red background.

Dusedee Lamkijja design agency -

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