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A double-barrelled label launch

Since 1992 the team at Weetwood have been making quality beer from their brewery in Cheshire. They believe that greatness takes time, the right ingredients, the right people and above all, the right attitude and in 2019 they went to Kingdom & Sparrow design agency to help launch a distillery brand that would adopt the same dedicated process and mentality.

The challenge was to create a brand that stood apart as truly ‘craft’ in a heavily saturated market, capturing their pride and commitment to producing high quality spirits, connecting with the people of Cheshire and beyond. Bringing natural ingredients and their meticulous ‘grain to glass’ process to the forefront, the agency developed a contemporary, artisan design that communicates Weetwood Distillery’s authenticity and character.

Hand-painted elements emphasise flavour and substance, and Cheshire remains at the heart of the brand as they launch ed their new demerara rum and small batch gin. The flavoursome tipples were enhanced by quality design and print for the packaging, using tactile papers and foil effects on the labels to create very effective marketing and on-shelf stand-out.

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