Why blend in when you can stand out?

Berlinda Moman, Head of Marketing at the premium mixer company, The Artisan Drinks Co, needed to create a gift packaging solution in line with Artisan Drinks brand values & ethos; to reflect the premium quality of their products and to let the artwork on the bottle labels shine.

She wanted a gift pack that was to be printed using the Lithographic printing process to provide the most premium HD photographic quality finishes and went to Saxon Packaging to create it. The gift pack was given the added print finishing embellishments of Spot UV and anti-scuff laminate to create the perfect backdrop to allow the spot UV on the gift packaging to stand out further and glisten under light. The anti-scuff laminate forms a transparent resistant coating that greatly reduces the spoiling of packaging that scratches can cause.

Artisan Drinks co.’s very own artist Alan Walsh, who takes his inspiration of Andy Warhol and Rene Gruau, designed the artwork that features on the packaging design. The artwork evokes feelings of art-deco nostalgia & Great Gatsby-esque class and really encapsulates their tag line 'why blend in when you can stand out'.

Included in this premium drinks’ packaging solution are four die-cut windows with a white border to give the impression of frames around the artwork. It allows the 4 housed 200ml bottles to be presented on show, enabling the stunning bottle labelling to feature and create a wonderful depth of field. We think this packaging would be good enough for Gatsby!

'Working on this drinks packaging solution for Artisan Drinks Co. was a fantastic experience. The Litho print, combined with the additional print finishes, have really come together wonderfully to create a really elegant and memorable packaging design' said  Kelly Phipps, Saxon Packaging's Customer Service Co-ordinator.

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Artisan Drinks Co - https://www.artisandrinks.com

Saxon Packaging - https://www.saxonpackaging.co.uk

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