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Spread a little support

What with Covid and the stresses and strains of modern living we all need a little support system sometimes, and looking back at an idea from 2018 we think it might be time to rekindle this little gem...

For a limited time in Terminal C of Philadelphia Airport during the 2018 holiday season travellers could pick up a Popeyes 'Emotional Support' Fried Chicken Box.

This box contained a three-piece Chicken Tender combo meal and had great packaging too!

The boxes were designed by Structural Graphics and engineered for function as well as promotion. They worked with Blanks Printing & Digital Solutions out of Dallas, Texas, to print this project on their HP 12000 Digital press and created several rounds of full-colour test prototypes which were hand-assembled for the launch in the Philadelphia airport.

And why Philadelphia airport? Because it was named one of the most stressful airports in the United States. We think this sort of idea could catch on all over though. Just remember to take off your mask before eating!

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