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Pollards creates the perfect pack for perfect hair

Stylish and luxurious presentation boxes from Pollard Boxes are helping to convey the premium image and create an enhanced ‘opening experience’ for a range of hair wraps from specialist company Silke London.

The Silke Hair Wrap is handmade using the finest 100% mulberry silk. Worn overnight, it cocoons hair to eliminate the nightly friction and moisture absorption of bed linen that causes breakages, frizz and split ends. Conditioning the hair in this way helps to encourage growth and boost thickness, extending the time between washes and blow dries.

The right packaging for the Silke Hair Wrap was seen as an essential element of its luxury positioning, as the company’s CEO and co-founder Christine Sotiriou explained: ‘Hair care as a rule is typically not visually exciting, but we wanted to make sure our products most definitely were. The highly designed presentation boxes are not only eye catching to attract customers, but also very giftable, creating a feeling of anticipation and excitement on opening. Whether consumers are buying for themselves or for someone else, we wanted the experience to be special.’

The latest boxes for five new shades of Hair Wrap are produced using 1200 micron white lined card and are four colour printed in special colour Pantones to match the colours of the wraps – green, yellow, purple, blue and pink. A bold abstract design in Kurz Gold 220 foiling further emphasises the luxuriousness of the product and the special occasion of the purchase, while a satin laminated finish provides a strong sensory element to reflect the softness and smoothness of the silk.

Equally important, the robust construction of the box and the deep fitting lid ensure complete product protection throughout the distribution process.

‘Our brand image is smooth, bold and cool to match our silk and fashion forward style, which the packaging successfully emulates,’ continued Christine. ‘The strength of the box also underlines its superior quality to match the high quality of the product it contains.’

‘Pollards has been a great partner to us over the years, ensuring that the packaging provides the perfect showcase for the Silke Hair Wrap,’ concluded Christine.

Pollard Boxes has been producing the boxes for the Silke Hair Wraps since they were first launched in 2016, further developing and enhancing the design as new hair wraps have been introduced into the range.

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