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Pollard Boxes stir up a Winter Storm for Glenfiddich

In the premium drinks sector, brand image is everything and on-shelf presentation is critical in attracting both new consumers and repeat purchasers. The design of the box, both visually and in providing a tactile experience, is crucial and can help set a drink apart from its rivals – so it’s important to get it just right.

Glenfiddich approached Pollard Boxes to create stunning, luxury packaging for their special edition Winter Storm 21 year old tropical fruit and candied sweet smelling single malt whisky.

In designing the packaging for Glenfiddich Winter Storm, Pollard Boxes were asked to create a frosty feel to the pack. By applying 3 layering processes which included using a silver metallic pantone, followed by a flat satin silver foil and adding a blind emboss to a thick, fibrous, tactile paper, they achieved that all important effect which looks and feels fantastic.

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