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Please & Thank You launches with packaging designed by Sea

Creative agency Sea has designed the packaging for start up cosmetics brand Please & Thank You, using luxury recyclable materials from Fedrigoni. Inspired by British nature and craftsmanship, the agency created a brand identity reflective of the nation’s quintessential politeness and quirky humour. Fedrigoni paper was selected for its full recyclability and premium quality, complementing the naturally eco friendly, vegan and cruelty free nature of the soaps.

Bryan Edmondson, founder and creative director at Sea, commented: ‘Please & Thank You came to us with a beautiful range of soaps devoted to keeping hands safe amidst the chaos of 2020. Each containing 95% naturally derived and locally sourced ingredients, its seven luxury soaps are inspired by British natural beauty and national craft. Our challenge was to create a name and identity synonymous with British politeness. From ‘Pines & Needles’ to ‘Eat Your Greens’, each soap plays on the distinct quirkiness that defines the nation’s humour, appealing to both UK and international consumers looking for a flavour of the country.’

Taking the oak leaf as the central motif, the team drew on its history in screen printing and textile design to transform an emblem of British nature into a reproducible pattern. Each of the seven soap packs features a vibrant colour palette reflective of the soap’s ingredients, tied together by the consistent oak leaf that creates uniformity across the packaging design.

As each soap is made proudly in the UK using traditional methods, Sea chose to use Clarendon – a distinctly British typeface dating back to 1845 London – to reflect a strong sense of local craftsmanship in the design. Through embossed foiling and a heavyweight typeface, the result is a bold and robust pack that affirms Please & Thank You’s position as a luxury product.

Ian Braithwaite, commercial manager at Fedrigoni, commented: ‘To reinforce the craftsmanship at the centre of the brand, Sea chose Fedrigoni’s Brossulin XT paper for its likeness to traditional woven materials. With excellent stiffness and folding strength, the embossed, coated 410 g/m2 board has a sensory quality reminiscent of textured fabrics, further emphasising the brand’s heritage feel. While primarily used for book covers, the paper’s tactile impact has amazing potential as a packaging material that often goes unnoticed. It is this truly unique quality that helps elevate Please & Thank You into the premium cosmetics space.’

Fedrigoni’s sustainable materials further complement Please & Thank You’s mission of donating one bar of soap to a disadvantaged family for every bar it sells, more important than ever as clean hands are fundamental in keeping today’s world safe.

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