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Tango Mango – an explosive new ‘Edition’ with design by Bloom agency.

With the ongoing triumph of Tango’s rotational flavour series Tango Editions, Britvic has introduced its newest edition Tango Mango, which is available in stores for just one year.


Creative brand design agency Bloom has collaborated with Britvic on Tango for over five years, resulting in the creation of Tango Mango following the hugely popular Berry Peachy and Paradise Punch. The limited edition sugar free flavour platform is renowned for its bold flavours, innovative liquid compositions and captivating packaging designs, making every version a standout choice for consumers.


The packaging features lively mango imagery, silver accents and flowing lines, all handcrafted with chunky paint markers in bright mango hues. Set against Tango’s signature black, the design stands out with its dynamic and bold aesthetic, incorporating confident marks and embracing imperfections.

Stu Witter, Bloom’s associate creative director, said: ‘Tango is a bold, mischievous, distinctly British brand that responds to consumers’ demands for healthier products. It offers bold flavours and celebrates self expression. So, we wanted the artistic process behind Tango Mango’s visual identity to be transparent and showcase the handcrafted nature of the designs.


‘We drew inspiration from various art forms, including graffiti and street culture, infusing cultural relevance into our graphics. Our design concept, which we call Tiger Style, draws from hip hop and street creativity, blending graffiti elements with the intricate detailing seen in custom car culture.


‘We have also incorporated the vibrant colours of mango into the work, creating a pattern that is not only eye catching on pack but also adaptable to streetwear, merchandise and interior design. Using a mix of bold marker pens and streetwear influences, we’ve created a brand look and feel that celebrates both urban culture and the tangy essence of the fruit, as well as the drink’s sugar free credentials.’


Tango Mango has been developed to appeal to both new and existing consumers, as well as offering additional sales opportunities for retailers. The seasonal rotation of flavours keeps excitement and engagement with the brand high and attracts a broader range of shoppers, including Gen Z and families.


Ben Parker, Britvic’s retail commercial director in Great Britain, said: ‘Innovation in the fruit flavoured carbonates category is a priority for Tango, with new and exciting sugar free flavours that align with the brand’s bold and fun personality.


Dave Laidler, Britvic’s carbonates brand director, said: ‘Bloom is our trusted design partner and has designed all of our Editions range, with Mango being the latest iteration. The team understand the brand’s bold, fun and irreverent tone. The Tango Mango design is hugely eye catching and will appeal to our younger audience looking for excitement within fruit carbonates. We are delighted with the results and can’t wait to see how our consumers react.’

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