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Parkside creates a beau-tea-ful compostable solution for Bird & Blend

Flexible packaging specialist Parkside has revealed details of its new collaboration with tea company, Bird & Blend. The sustainability focused project sees the creation of a new range of innovative compostable packaging for Bird & Blend's range of loose tea.

The eco friendly packaging, designed and developed by Parkside, uplifts the sustainability credentials of Bird & Blend's diverse array of award winning loose tea products. 

Operations director at Bird & Blend, Matt Hendon, said: ‘As a business, we are acutely aware of the scrutiny our industry can sometimes face when it comes to sustainability and ethical integrity. Our tea bags are already plastic free, so the obvious next step was to boost the environmental credentials of our packaging.

‘On our journey to making this transition, Parkside stood out as the obvious partner of choice, and we were so impressed with how simple it made the process. Its range of sustainable packaging solutions is a great fit for our business, and its products align with our company core values of excellence, quality and innovation.’

Providing outstanding barrier performance to maintain optimal freshness and extend the shelf life of Bird & Blend's loose tea, the compostable solution created by Parkside offers a fresh approach to sustainable packaging. The design helps to protect natural resources – without compromising performance. 

During the composting process, the packaging breaks down entirely within 26 weeks, depending on the efficiency of the compost setting. The materials then return to the soil, leaving no adverse effects on the environment. This is a result of utilising bio based paper and metallised NatureFlex cellulose films from Futamura, manufactured from sustainably sourced wood pulp. 

New business development manager at Parkside Staci Bye commented, ‘The steps taken by Bird & Blend reflect a key message we are seeing for the packaging sector, which is that consumers are getting under the skin of ‘sustainability’, and want clear actions they can take to play their part on environmental protection. Compostable packaging is a very strong route of approach in this regard.

‘Bird & Blend heard about our industry leading packaging and approached us intending to develop something more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing for the brand's fantastic range of loose teas, and we have certainly delivered. It was a great project to be involved in and we were privileged to work alongside Matt and his team.'

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