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Juice boxes haven't changed much and the regular rectangular tetra-packs can be a little boring. So why not take away the rectangles and create something more exciting?

This new Juicy Juice carton design by US designer Preston Grubbs could be fun for kids and also solve the issue of juice boxes spilling or being easily crushed. It's more stable, but also more fun to drink out of.

The eye-catching packaging fits together, in this case with ten cartons in a net bag, and could be used for all sorts of fruit products.

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Preston Grubbs design - http://www.prestongrubbs.com

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Packaging should be interesting and effective, informative and fun, recyclable yet eye-catching, secure and stylish.

If it's a label or a box, a pouch or a carton, a bottle or a bag, your product needs to stand out and share your message. There are plenty of ways to do this and many suppliers to help you succeed.

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