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Natural, from the inside out

Alverde NATURKOSMETIK combines the themes of beauty and personal care with nature. The brand stands for the conservation of resources, as is evident in everything from its product ingredients through to its packaging. All alverde products are free of mineral oil-based ingredients and synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives. The raw materials are organically grown, and where possible the brand avoids animal products, with the vegan seal on many of its products packaging attesting to this principle.

The new alverde wooden toothbrush is no exception, featuring a toothbrush handle made of beech wood that comes from sustainably managed Swiss forests. The bristles are made of up to 100 % renewable organic resources. The Excellent Top Brown cartonboard packaging from Mayr Melnhof Karton is completely recyclable and biodegradable, in line with the company’s sustainability concept.

The packaging not only evokes positive feelings and stirs curiosity and interest, but also creates a unique selling point: Toothbrushes are normally packed in blister packaging (cartonboard and plastic). The cartonboard packaging used for alverde wooden toothbrushes thus stands out against other toothbrushes. The natural brown kraft top and reverse sides of Excellent Top Brown reflects the product’s and the brand’s connection to nature. The successful combination of a natural product and recyclable packaging convey quality and sustainability in their purest form.

'The emotional boost is important to our customers – they are also buying the ‘feelgood’ factor. As such, it’s also vital for us to ensure that our packaging emphasises the essence and properties of our natural products. alverde has stood for beauty and self-care for 30 years, following nature’s example. As a result, we also strive to use cartonboard, a natural packaging material, for our products whenever we can' stated Alexander Diefenbacher, Brand Manager for alverde NATURKOSMETIK.

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