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Looking good in 'green'

Based in Guernsey, maiiro’s skincare products are inspired by the island’s sea and shoreline and the company is passionate about preserving the marine environment. The skincare range has been specifically designed to help nourish and look after the skin, using a signature blend of five food-grade seaweeds, sourced from Guernsey’s pristine sea waters.

To complement maiiro’s branding and ethos, it seemed natural that they should seek to use packaging materials that also contain seaweed and are produced using a process that helps to protect fragile marine life. So maiiro went to Pollard Boxes to design and produce these stunning presentation boxes for use in packaging their organic soap and lip salve products.

Pollard's solution was to use ‘Shiro Alga Carta’ from Favini, through their UK reseller Fenner Paper. This is a range of environmentally friendly paper, made using harvested algae and seaweed from the area around Venice lagoon.

Printed using a light wood grain, the soap pack contains an integrated platform for additional product protection and the internals are made from printable flock carton board which have been printed to match the luxury packs. The resulting branded packaging not only looks fantastic but also delivers on sustainability.

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