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L'Oreal to go 'green' with Garnier Organic Hemp in 'cardboard' packaging

L'Oreal is looking to make it's beauty product packaging more sustainable, starting with new cardboard based packaging for it's Garnier Organic Hemp range. By replacing almost half of the plastic used in the tubes with a new bio-based and certified paper-like material, and featuring a lighter cap, and a tube made with 49% less plastic.

As part of the recent ‘Green Beauty’ initiative, L’Oreal are addressing the social impact of plastic pollution with its 'Plastics For Change' programme, supporting third world ‘waste pickers’ with education for children, healthcare, nutrition, financial literacy and empowerment for girls & women.

In addition to this Garnier will implement a 'Product Environmental & Social Impact Labelling' campaign. Initially being trialled in France on haircare products, this labelling gives each product a sustainability score, from A to E, with products labelled ‘A’ considered best in class. The scoring takes into account fourteen environmental factors from sourcing, manufacture, transportation, usage and recyclability.

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L'Oreal - https://www.loreal.com/en/

Garnier Organic - https://www.garnier.co.uk/our-brands/skin-care/garnier-organic

Plastics For Change - https://www.plasticsforchange.org

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