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Good hair day pasta - blonde or brunette

An oldie but still a goodie. The 'Good Hair day' pasta packaging concept really stands out on the shelf. It really shows how great packaging instantly grabs your attention, even amongst a multitude of competing products.

Moscow-based designer Nikita Konkin has made it hard to see any other box of pasta on the shelf with this clever design concept. The shape and texture of the pasta playfully peek out of a die-cut (or laser cut) window in the silhouette of a woman’s mane of hair, mimicking the wavy, curly, and even pin-straight styles of their do's.

All three designs work well, but we think especially the fettuccine box, where voluminous swirls of billowy fettuccini stand in for some epic hair. The natural colour of the pasta is set off by the clean white packaging combined with simple lettering. So simple, but so effective.

All three of Konkin’s designs feature line drawings of women’s faces that are framed by their striking hairstyles. Although he could’ve simply sketched their manes, he instead allows the product to visually enhance the drawings, while simultaneously enticing you with its starchy goodness. Each hairdo is produced using either fettuccine, spaghetti, or cavatappi noodles. Suddenly, a 'good hair day' is synonymous with a decent meal too.

Konkin has received numerous awards for his design, and it looks like the pasta has finally gone into production in Italy.

It is a 100% durum wheat pasta from Italian grains and produced in the Abruzzo region. The pasta is extruded through brass dies, and dried at low temperature to preserve the fragrance and flavor of the grain. Yum.

There's now a new version of the design with black hair too, using pasta dyed with sepia squid ink. Still very effective and tasty too I'm sure.

Nikita Konkin -

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