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Delta Global creates sustainable packaging solution for Heat boxes

Luxury packaging business, Delta Global, has created an innovative, eco friendly packaging solution for high end fashion mystery box service, Heat.

With sustainability and innovation taking centre stage, the partnership aims to strengthen both brands’ commitment to responsible practices and mitigating the fashion industry’s impact to climate change.

The move is the most recent in a growing list of designer brands that recognise the urgency of taking action.

The focus on eco friendly packaging has typically included the elimination of plastic lamination and the introduction of compostable materials, but Delta Global’s innovative design for Heat takes sustainable luxury packaging one step further.

The brief from Heat was to develop a fully recyclable luxury box that utilises Delta Global’s magnetic removal system and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited materials.

As Robert Lockyer, CEO of Delta Global, explained: ‘Despite being made from recyclable materials, many luxury packaging boxes have magnetic closure systems which restrict recyclability when they come to the end of their lives.

‘We have developed a design with a removal technique that uses perforation points built into the box. Once a customer removes the magnets, the box can be flattened and becomes fully recyclable.’

Joe Wilkinson, managing director of Heat, said: ‘The boxes themselves play a significant role in our luxury offering, meaning they need to be of a very high quality. Delta’s innovative and flexible approach was a perfect fit for our brief and its experience in the sector only strengthened our trust in the company. 

‘We are delighted with the final design. It is simplistic, sturdy and encourages a second life through reuse and repurposing, which only helps increase our sustainability efforts.’ 

Robert added, ‘We really enjoyed working on this project with Heat, even with the quick four week turnaround that was required. Having honed an in-house rapid sampling process, we were able to get the initial concepts for the boxes completed within just 48 hours. That, paired with our streamlined construction method, means the boxes are 50% faster to make up, which in turn provides an efficiency benefit to Heat.  

‘As an e-commerce service, the boxes are one of the only tangible elements of the brand, so all efforts and benefits work to connect with customers by reflecting the company’s luxury and innovative ethos and adding an element of theatre to the box opening experience.’

Delta Global’s role in manufacturing these boxes remains part of the company’s commitment to providing packaging solutions that reinforce its four key pillars of ‘luxury, sustainability, ecommerce and innovation’.

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