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Bespoke paper provides the perfect colour match for ghd

A bespoke paper, sourced by luxury packaging specialist Pusterla Pollards, has enabled ghd to create presentation boxes that exactly match the colour of its seasonal limited edition ‘Warm Pewter’ hair dryer and styler.

The Warm Pewter look is inspired by precious metals and jewel tones and ghd wanted presentation packs with the same colour to maximise on-shelf impact and create a point of differentiation for these special products.

However, initial printing trials were not successful, and Pollards was unable to source an appropriate stock pearlescent paper. The company’s head of creative services Tan Mahal therefore invited ghd’s packaging designer James Welch to the paper supplier, in order to sample a variety of formulas and create a paper that would be unique to the brand.

The finished boxes are further enhanced with a printed ribbon effect that uses spot matt varnish and embossing to lift the design off the paper and maximise its appearance. The boxes themselves provide the strength and durability to ensure full protection for the hair dryers and stylers throughout the supply chain.

Equally important, the boxes meet ghd’s commitment to environmentally friendly packaging as the paper is fully recyclable and made with water based coaters, as well as being produced in the UK to minimise any impact of transportation.

‘Our Warm Pewter packs are not only another example of Pusterla Pollards’ high levels of creative design and technical excellence, it also demonstrates how it is always prepared to go the extra mile in order to exactly meet our requirements,’ commented James Welch. ‘The final packs ideally convey the individualisation of these premium limited edition products.’

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