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A little taste

Armenian design agency Backbone Branding chose to look to the natural world for inspiration when they created the packaging for the new line of jams and snacks for Beak Pick!

Birds and fruits are fused together in the clean, characterful, modern packaging for this natural jam and fruit preserves line. Making it both stand out from the crowd and giving it a more up-to-date less-is-more approach to the consumption of sugary jams.

The brand is all about being natural and modern, so they wanted the concept and the visuals to be nature oriented. Focusing on the main ingredient, the fruits, and noticing that birds perfectly represent the idea that consumption in small quantities is the solution to enjoying our favourite treats without over-eating.

The agency also studied the anatomical similarities between birds and fruits, in order to combine their forms in a smooth way. Eventually melding the two and replacing the beak part with the shape of the fruit, which is how the brand’s name Beak Pick was born.

Competition for shelf stand out is fierce but this packaging design achieves that well whilst at the same time showing that this is a natural, non-artificial product. Hence, the use of colourful, vibrant illustrations and a modern, pure white minimalistic background to make the drawings pop out.

Backbone Branding -

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