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Woola, eco-friendly bubble-wrap made from sheep's wool.

Around 100 billion packages are sent each year and that number is increasing. Many of these are wrapped in plastic that goes to landfill or ends up in the ocean, so how to reduce the footprint of our online shopping?

Woola, this year's winners of EIT InnoEnergy's annual PowerUp! challenge have been awarded €50,000 cash and a place on EIT's investment programme to develop its eco-friendly bubble wrap solution made from sheep’s wool.

Woola is an Estonian start-up established at the end of 2019 who aim to disrupt the e-commerce market with their shockproof, heatproof, and easily compostable packaging product, making use of an abundant resource that would otherwise be thrown away.

Anna-Liisa Palatu, Co-Founder of Woola said; 'We are thrilled to have taken part in this competition and to have won support from EIT InnoEnergy, that not only provides financial investment, but also supports us with business development through its network “We are very excited to collaborate with EIT InnoEnergy on our solution and bring more eco-friendly packaging to market to protect the environment.'

InnoEnergy Central Europe’s CEO, Jakub Miler, added, 'The economic recession triggered by COVID-19 has presented grave difficulties for small enterprises and start-ups. While many market channels and sources might slow down for small companies, with the backing of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, we are able to continue our support of innovative entrepreneurs financially and with the know-how and valuable partnerships to help take their products and services to the next level.'

Woola has also won the Climathon Global Award, the Fifty Founders Battle at TechChill and are currently helping ship the Estonian Creativity Awards in their compostable packaging solution.

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Climathon Global Award -

Fifty Founders Battle at TechChill -

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