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Welcome the new arrivals - Alfie and Peggy

Crowdfunded English winemakers, The Uncommon, have launched two new bubbly wine spritzers in cans.

The unusual wine-making duo of Henry Connell and Alex Thraves are based in Peckham, London but source their grapes from sustainable growers throughout the UK and sell their tipples at Selfridges.

The two new additions, Alfie, an English White Wine Spritzer, and Peggy, an English Rosé Wine Spritzer, come as single-serve measures in sleek recyclable aluminium cans. The branding features animal characters as well-dressed old-fashioned ladies and gents, designed by Spanish illustrator, Yido.

The packaging minimises on waste and the product is vegan and low in sugar. The brand is also driven by a desire to be sustainable and is re-purposing wine corks into labels and using recyclable cans.

Mailorder wine spritzers from The Uncommon -

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