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To the dad who has everything... except a six pack!

Calgary, Canada based brewers Best of Kin wanted to launch a new 'Dad Beer' lagered ale in cans for Fathers Day and the Conflict design agency helped them come up with some memorable packaging - a greeting card filled with beer!

To celebrate the official release of ‘Dad Beer’ from Best of Kin, they turned their six-packs into greeting cards for Father’s Day.

The beer was brewed in memory of the founding brothers' late father and to quote them 'This is the beer he would’ve kept stocked in his mini-fridge to enjoy after a long day’s work. A clean drinking thirst-quenching laggard ale based on a traditional German recipe'.

They've now developed Pot Luck and Lawn Beer to go alongside their Dad Beer and may personalise branding on future packaging even further.

Best of Kin brewery -

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