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The Label Makers work with Astonish to ensure supply of antibacterial handwash

UK cleaning products manufacturer Astonish has teamed up with Bradford based The Label Makers, for the supply of labels for its antibacterial products. A surge in demand due to the Covid-19 pandemic has seen UK shoppers buy 7% more liquid hand soaps and spend 10% more on household cleaners compared to this time on 2019. In addition, sales of hand sanitisers has seen a marked increase of 255% year on year.

Astonish, a second generation, UK based family business that has been manufacturing cleaning solutions for over 40 years, produces a range of over 60 products. From mould removers and oven cleaners to stain removers, the firm sells its merchandise in stores nationwide.

An initial order earlier in the year saw The Label Makers complete the job in just four days – the fast turnaround  providing Astonish with the confidence to further increase volumes. The flexo printed labels are finished with gloss varnish, with the label front on clear PP and the backs on white PP.

Astonish’s senior buyer, Brandon B Noble, commented: ‘We have a great working relationship with The Label Makers, particularly its account manager and internal team. We are extremely pleased with the quality of the labels, which are produced at a competitive price and on time. We look forward to continuing our working relationship during this particularly busy time.’

‘I think we have all been surprised by the scale of demand for antibacterial products across the country,’ added The Label Makers’ Alastair Fielding. ‘Along with Astonish, we are working with a number of key UK manufacturers in supplying self-adhesive labels for hand sanitiser, antibacterial handwash, disinfectant and cleaning products and have prioritised production to ensure capacity. Being suitable for both machine or manual application, our label production has no minimum order quantities and is printed in high definition full colour print.’

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