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The hairy ones are back

Montreal based printer and designer, Simon Laliberte of Bang Bang creative agency, came up with this 'Poilu' packaging concept for paintbrushes.

The simple and lighthearted designs capitalise on the natural hair brush bristles by re-purposing them as the moustaches of character illustrations created for the brand, producing a whole family of amusing bewhiskered fellows. The eye-catching packaging helps sell the paintbrushes but also protects them in transit.

Each set includes two paint brushes, with faces printed onto the cardboard and the bristles resembling facial hair. As an added bonus, the clever packaging can be folded and used as a stand for the brushes when they are covered in paint.

A 'Poilu' literally means a 'hairy one' and was an affectionate term used for the French soldiers in WW1, and that's certainly more instant and interesting than 'funny bearded hipster brushes'.

Bang Bang Design, Montreal -

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