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Spa products company partners with ACA for stand out luxury packaging

Hashtag Organics says that trade finisher ACA will definitely be given the contract for the next new product it launches in its CBD (cannabis extract, a safe non-narcotic) spa treatments range.

Emma O’Neil, managing director, said: ‘Our branding and our packaging has to be very high end to match our product. When we moved our CBD products from the pharmaceutical sector into the spa and high street bar markets we decided we needed outside professional design and we placed the work with Too Gallus in Glasgow, which has an enviable portfolio of clients including Nike, the V&A in Dundee and Bombay Sapphire. Different packaging is used for the spa range on the one hand and the high street products on the other.’

‘The design and packaging need to reflect the integrity and ethics of our company and products and to give aesthetics that match the trusted luxury product. It needs to be tactile and to enhance the sense of well being. Core Image handles the printing using Heidelberg litho and digital technology. Then ACA adds value with its post press processes. We use die cutting, gluing, foiling, embossing and debossing, high lift UV varnishing and soft touch and matt lamination on the spa and pharmaceutical packaging,’ explained Emma.

‘ACA has been incredible, providing a personal, attentive service. It understands that our products have a luxury price point so the quality has to be first rate. This is a fast paced market with deliveries to pharmacies, hotels, spas and bars so we needed to partner with a company able to meet tight schedules.’

Sustainability is very important to Hashtag Organics (aptly La Rue Verte means The Green Street) and all the papers supplied by GF Smith are uncoated and carbon neutral or carbon balance. An upcoming design will also use peach pulp paper. The foils and glues at ACA are all recyclable, too. Recently Hashtag Organics moved its bottles from plastics to glass and offers a refill service. It is the only CBD member in the Sustainable Spa Association.

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