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Product and packaging in perfect harmony

Luxurious and stylish presentation boxes from Pollard Boxes are providing the perfect complement for a new range of premium candles and diffusers from renowned florist Timothy Dunn, helping to create a complete experience for the consumer.

The Artist Collection from Timothy Dunn London comprises 11 luxury home fragrances that demonstrate synaesthesia, a neurological trait which joins or merges senses that are not normally connected. In this case the senses of scent and colour are being linked to show how a scent can influence the cognitive response to visualise colour.

The overall brief for the packaging was to take a holistic approach, using elements of the products to influence the final pack design. This harmonisation of product and packaging enhances brand image and on-shelf appeal, both to encourage purchase and to instil a sense of excitement and anticipation.

The Pollards’ solution features a simple box and lid format, which provides the strength and robustness to protect the products throughout the retail and supply chains, and then uses a combination of luxurious materials and high quality decoration techniques to reflect the brand’s premium image. A micro-embossed texture combined with a pearlescent finish create an expensive look and feel to the box, and this is further enhanced by two Timothy Dunn signatures on either side, produced in high impact copper foiling.

Each box is covered with a sleeve in soft touch material that maintains the luxury feel and enhances the opening experience as it slides off. The sleeves are foiled all over and each foil is colour matched to either the colour of the hand painted lid of the candle or a single, individually coloured fragrance reed in every diffuser.

A particular design highlight is the signature foiled brush stroke that takes centre stage on each box to symbolise the Timothy Dunn brand and represent the many different aspects of his life. The design is taken directly from one of Tim’s brush strokes, which Pollards digitised and then worked with die supplier Tomlinson to create a highly detailed sculptured die. The resulting on-pack feature required a huge amount of technical know how and attention to detail from Pollards’ in-house foiling team to achieve the required quality of finish that captivates both sight and touch.

‘We are very excited to have worked on such a unique project during lockdown,’ commented Tan Mahal, Pollards’ creative designer. ‘This was a close collaboration between the teams at Timothy Dunn London and Pollards, and thanks to this effective working partnership, we were able to fully understand the brand spirit and provide creative input throughout the design and development process.’

Another vital part of the Timothy Dunn London offering is that products are manufactured and packed entirely in the UK. The company chose Pollards based on the Leicestershire based manufacturer’s reputation for high quality luxury packaging solutions.

‘Right from the start we knew Pollards was the company for us,’ said Timothy Dunn. ‘It fully embraced our creative ethos and went beyond the call of duty in order to achieve our vision and goals. The final products were both visually and structurally everything we had envisaged right from the get-go. Tan and Susie were very hands on from conception to delivery and were instrumental in exceeding our expectations with the final product. Since launch we have had nothing but positive feedback on the packaging.’

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