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Pot Noodles go Potless

For the first time in their forty year history Pot Noodle is introducing pot-free packaging for it's popular home-cook noodle brand.

In an attempt to be both cost-effective and eco-friendly they have launched the new 'Lost The Pot' Noodles. These potless varieties can be purchased in Curry, Roast Chicken and Sweet Chilli flavours and can be added to a cup or a bowl rather than heated within the product packaging itself. In this way, these new products should be cheaper and the packaging far more sustainable than their hard plastic potted counterparts.

The suitably named Marketing manager at Pot Noodle, Lena Portchmouth, told us: ‘You may think we have lost the plot with the launch of our latest pot-less format, but whether you’re needing to fill hungry tummies, or are a student looking to save time and money, Lost The Pot Noodle is the perfect solution for those after a speedy and filling fix, so you can noodle in no time. ‘Rest assured, our newest creations are just as flavoursome as our trusty pots, but we’ve just made it a little easier to create a delicious, low in saturated fat meal that is ideal for dinnertime when something truly satisfying is needed on the table.’

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Pot Noodle - https://www.potnoodle.com

ASDA, Potless Noodle special offer - https://groceries.asda.com/search/Lost%20the%20pot

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