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New Luxifood sushi pack from Sharpak

Sharpak has unveiled a new premium look hybrid pack for sushi, designed with multiple benefits for food to go brands, retailers, consumers and importantly, the environment.

The Luxifood pack comprises an rPET lid and new novel cartonboard base that ensures all moisture is retained and doesn’t leak or seep from the pack in store or transit.

Ideal for both grocery and food to go retail destinations, Luxifood has been manufactured completely in-house and incorporates numerous features.

Chris Ford, sales director at Sharpak, said: ‘With the Luxifood hybrid range, we have created a pack that helps our customers tap into multiple consumer trends all at the same time. Demand for healthy snacks, unusual flavours, premiumisation and sustainability are all high on the consumer agenda and it is critical that they are able to deliver on all fronts.

‘Luxifood makes it possible! The pack, both lid and tray, meet the OPRL guidelines for recyclability to support consumers’ at-home recycling efforts and the black tray ensures sushi is presented at its best, with a premium appearance that until now has only been achievable using plastic.’

The cartonboard base is manufactured using a forming process that ensures it is leak proof to optimise food hygiene, freshness and shelf life. It utilises a lightweight, fully recyclable biopolymer liner that is food contact approved and can be recycled without removing the liner post use. Additionally, the board is FSC certified creating a tray that ticks all the boxes for innovation, product protection and preservation, and sustainability.

Luxifood includes a recyclable crystal clear rPET lid for outstanding on-shelf presentation and product visibility. The lid is manufactured from fully traceable Prevented Ocean Plastic and incorporates a minimum 30% post consumer recyclate, meeting the recycled content threshold of the incoming UK Plastic Packaging Tax and further boosting the pack’s overall environmental credentials.

The pack also incorporates a patented and secure eight-point ‘click-clack’ closure that is easy to use and ensures a secure fastening between lid and tray.

For the packer, it comes with pre-folded side panels for easy and speedy operations and is available in five sizes, meaning the Luxifood range can accommodate both individual and sharing sized portions. Furthermore, packs can be opened and closed multiple times making it ideal for storing in the fridge and saving for later, minimising food waste in the home and avoiding use of plastics in the form of additional cling films.

Topping off the benefits, the Luxifood tray can be printed inside and out to support brand requirements and provide a strong, attractive on-shelf presence.

Chris added, ‘The team at Sharpak has pushed innovation to a new level bringing this product to market – from the cartonboard base design to the exclusive click clack closure that makes it reclosable and secure, Luxifood will be the sushi pack of choice for brands, retailers and those serving the food to go market.’

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