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Flower Power

Inventor of letterbox flowers, Bloom & Wild, was seeking the right partner to develop a bespoke new decorative box for hand tied flowers. The company turned to DS Smith, renowned for its sustainable packaging, high quality printing capabilities and e-commerce experience.

Born of founder Aron Gelbard's vision to deliver flowers to customers even when they aren't home, Bloom & Wild launched more than five years ago. Flowers are sent in bud and wrapped in petal protectors, allowing the company to post bouquets in printed boxes that fit through the letterbox.

Kerry Dowse, supply operations lead at Bloom & Wild, said: ‘The design of our letterbox pack is based on research that our founder Aron personally undertook, measuring letterboxes to find the perfect size for our flower boxes. The standout design and print of our packaging is vital for our brand, but we also wanted to work with a packaging innovator that shared our views on sustainability – which made DS Smith the perfect fit.’

Bloom & Wild has established a series of design led partnerships with creative brands including Liberty and Morris & Co. The selected prints on the outside of the box often inspire the choice of flowers inside, increasing the impact of the gift. The company now offers five exclusive promotional seasonal packs each year, with three designs available in two sizes. 

In order to ensure that forecasting and timescales are met effectively and efficiently, the partnership between Bloom & Wild and DS Smith is extremely collaborative. 

Sara Blount, sales manager at DS Smith, said: ‘We work very closely with Bloom & Wild to ensure that the company’s unique packaging designs are reproduced in the highest quality. These promotional packs deliver a real visual experience for customers so it is vital that the packaging and its print is bright and colourful, to give the brand experience for which Bloom & Wild is known.’

It was the superior nature of the litho and digitally printed boxes which impressed Bloom & Wild. The process allows for a high quality print without the corrugated flute being compressed. This is achieved by printing both the interior and exterior designs on roll, before the flute is placed between the layers and they are laminated together. During the design process, DS Smith has the ability to easily print and produce packaging samples in the studio, enabling a truly effortless and collaborative experience with Bloom & Wild on site.

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