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Feel good mailorder with Causebox

As well as being safe, secure and fit for purpose, packaging for e-commerce should tell the customer a story as they unbox it.

While it’s important for all brands to leverage the storytelling packaging trend, it’s particularly important for products that are sold primarily online. Because e-commerce products don’t have the luxury of being seen and touched in real life, so they need to leverage everything they have available to tell their brand story and build a connection with their audience - and that starts with their packaging.

Causebox is great example. Each box has a custom design that tells the brands story and connect with what is inside.

Each Causebox includes a curated selection of 6-8 products that are "beautiful, useful, and give back!" A handful of these items may be ‘choice products’ and annual subscription members are able to choose which colour and style of products they’d prefer for their good causes.

The continuing rise of subscription boxes will also play into the storytelling packaging trend in 2020. Branded packaging is especially important for subscription boxes, where the box itself becomes the only representation of the brand since the contents feature other brands and products.

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