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Durham Box helps fishing company diversify

In collaboration with solid fibreboard specialist, Northumberland based CRT Packaging, Durham Box is supplying the Ethical Shellfish Company, with e-commerce packaging to support the fishing company’s online fresh seafood delivery service.

Using sustainable methods, the Isle of Mull based Ethical Shellfish Company’s core product is hand dived scallops, fished from its own boat around Mull and the surrounding islands. The company also supplies lobster, langoustine and crab, all creel caught and guaranteed 100% ethically sound, there being no damage to marine plants or animals. The shellfish is then delivered to some of the best chefs throughout restaurants across the UK. Since the start of the pandemic, the restaurant industry has been hit particularly hard by the effects of lockdown. Like many others SMEs, this has meant that the Ethical Shellfish Company has needed to diversify.

The company set out to expand its reach by establishing an online facility, meaning that in addition to top chefs, the UK public could also benefit from the fresh produce and have it delivered direct into their homes. To complement this new service, Durham Box was asked by CRT Packaging to design and supply an e-commerce packaging solution that would provide the Ethical Shellfish Company’s new customers with an excellent first impression.

‘Since Coronavirus hit the UK in March 2020 we have had to think on our feet and reinvent,’ said the Ethical Shellfish Company’s founder, Guy Grieve. ‘We are now very proud to say that as well as supplying our restaurant market, we are also delivering our top quality ethically fished shellfish and other produce direct to home cooks. We deliver to our customers with just the same respect and care as we do our chefs and are so excited to be helping people create Michelin standard meals within their own homes!’

Commenting on Durham Box’s packaging solution, he added: ‘It was important that we paired with a company which could provide e-commerce packaging to meet the same top quality as the shellfish we provide. It was critical that the packaging would ensure that the shellfish and other products arrived with the customer in the same condition as when they left us. Durham box was recommended to us by CRT Packaging to supply the required packaging – it was a good call, as they have excelled in meeting our expectations and the feedback from our customers has been superb.’

Durham Box makes in excess of 40 million products per year. Central to its offering is a Nozomi C18000 single pass, ultra high speed LED inkjet corrugated packaging press, providing the ability to produce short run, well designed corrugated boxes for e-commerce businesses and start ups, printed with 100% low migration food safe inks.

‘With the Ethical Shellfish Company being one of CRT Packaging’s longstanding customers, we were delighted to be asked to provide an e-commerce packaging solution. As the demand for high quality e-commerce packaging continues unabated, we are actively supporting businesses to diversify in the pandemic by working quickly to sample and produce final packaging,’ said Durham Box’s business development director – point of sale, Andy Smith.

‘Many businesses like the Ethical Shellfish Company have been quick to respond and reinvent their offering – our own response needs to be equally quick and efficient. It has been a pleasure working with a company that, despite these challenging times, has been able to offer something different. We are delighted the packaging matched their high expectations and that of their customers.’

Ethical Shellfish Company -

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