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Colpac’s sustainable noodle pot helps Westmill Foods reach new customers

Colpac has worked with one of Europe’s largest specialist food companies, helping it to reach a new generation of customers with a sustainable packaging solution for a new, innovative noodle brand.

With a number of food manufacturers launching healthy noodle products to dispel the low nutritional reputation of convenient noodle pots, Westmill Foods required packaging which would capture the attention of its audience with its newly launched brand, Noodl Plus.

Infused with ingredients such as charcoal, turmeric, and other super nutrients, Westmill Foods was also appealing to the Instagram generation through Noodl Plus with eye catching pink beetroot noodles and spirulina tinted blue noodles.

Consequently, Westmill Foods required packaging which would not only be able to carry its eye catching designs, but would also meet the sustainable and convenience demands of consumers.

As a designer and manufacturer of food packaging solutions, Colpac worked closely with Westmill Foods, which carried out extensive testing, before selecting a 16 oz souper pot design. To eliminate the risk of leaks when the consumer added water to the noodles, a PP coating was added to line the pot.

The use of a single PP coat also made the entire pot, including the lid, recyclable as one unit once any food waste was removed.

The pots were manufactured with a white base colour which would effectively carry the striking black branding Westmill Foods had developed for Noodl Plus to offset vivid product images. The pots were then heat sealed, before a paperboard lid was added to continue the product branding.

A matt coating was the final touch to complete the distinct brand of the Noodl Plus pots, which are now on sale online via Ocado.

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