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Boxes a successful experiment in quality and sustainability

A packaging solution devised by rigid box specialist Pollard Boxes in close collaboration with its customer Experimental Perfume Club provides the perfect example of a premium pack that can also demonstrate strong sustainability credentials.

The Experimental Perfume Club was established in 2016 by founder perfumer Emmanuelle Moeglin as an open access perfume laboratory where visitors could see the behind the scenes of perfume creation and produce their own bespoke fragrances. The success of the venture and the originality of visitors in the perfumes they developed inspired Emmanuelle to offer such an opportunity more widely.

The company has therefore devised a collection of fine fragrances called Layers which, while they can be worn individually, have also been designed to be blended together to enable users to create their own unique scent. Six fragrances are currently available, with two Eau de Parfum varieties in three categories that feature different characteristics – Top (fresh), Mid (mellow) and Base (deep).

For the presentation packaging, Emmanuelle worked closely with Pollard Boxes to find a solution that would enhance and reflect both the uniqueness and premium nature of the fragrances while ensuring minimal impact on the environment. The requirement was for a box to hold three 8 ml bottles, a dropper and an empty bottle for the creation of blends, and boxes to hold the individual 50 ml bottles of scents for subsequent orders. These 50 ml bottles can be returned to the Experimental Perfume Club for refilling.

To take into account environmental requirements, only FSC accredited materials and uncoated and varnished finishes were considered in the selection of the papers at the start of the development process. Internal fitments are predominantly made of paper with no plastic and minimal foam.  In addition, the strength of the boxes means that they do not require cellophane wrapping for additional protection, thereby removing unnecessary packaging waste.

The Blending Collections and individual fragrances are packed in rigid slipcases and trays produced in Colorplan White Frost 135 g/m2 wrapped onto white 100% recycled board. The slipcases incorporate black foil and the collection numbers for each of the two fragrances per category are post wrapped debossed on the blending pack and clear foiled on the individual packs, ensuring the most technically appropriate solution for the two different designs. The trays feature zest or silver coloured ribbon pulls.  

Internally all packs use white lined board, with unlined board and white Edixion 350 g/m2 for the fitments in the individual boxes, and foam and white tissue paper for the blending box.

On-shelf the boxes combine a white finish with a strong individual colour for each of the three layers; different amounts of colour on the front of the box distinguish the two fragrances in the layer. The blending box features the Experimental Perfume Club’s grey branding as its main colour. Overall the decoration effects create a striking image on-shelf that reflects the quality of the brand while establishing a strong family image.

In addition to the standard boxes, Pollards has also produced a limited edition pack for Harvey Nicholls that contains a special perfume decanter for the blending of the fragrances.

‘I am delighted with Pollards’ contribution to this project and the resulting high quality packs that have been produced,’ commented Emmanuelle Moeglin.

‘Creating the right image for the brand was essential but this could not be at the expense of the environment. Thanks to our close collaboration and Pollards’ open approach, we have developed a more sustainable pack that is attractive, practical and robust, an important requirement as we did not want to use any cellophane overwrap. 

'One example of the effectiveness of our collaborative approach was in the packaging for the 50 ml bottles. We originally selected cartons for these bottles but felt that they did not give a sufficiently quality impression on-shelf, particularly compared to the Blending Collections. By moving the 50 ml bottles to slip cases as well, we have been able to maintain our premium image throughout without affecting our commitment to minimise environmental impact.’

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