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Saica Pack and BibaDo create innovative e-commerce design

Saica Pack has joined forces with babywear brand BibaDo to design and create a visually captivating packaging solution for an innovative range of bibs.

The bib, designed to be worn like a top, is the only product on the market which straps to a child’s highchair, covering the gap between them and their tray. In turn, it significantly reduces mess and parents can save up to 30 minutes a day when weaning young children.

After being challenged by BibaDo to create something that placed emphasis on quality and style, Saica Pack developed a nine colour e-commerce pack with an adhesive strip that visually reflects the personality of the brand. Impactful graphics with key brand messages are printed on both the inside and outside of the box to ensure that the corrugated pack becomes a key part of the customers unboxing experience. A parent friendly tear strip opening feature has also been integrated to enable the consumer to conveniently open the pack and access the products.

David Wilbraham, sales, commercial and marketing director UK and Ireland, said: ‘With a momentous shift towards online retail over recent years, the role of packaging to enhance the customer experience has greatly increased. Our BibaDo design has exceeded the customer's expectations and created an eye catching container for the product. It reflects the brand’s identity, and we are delighted with the response we have had so far.’

Due to its intricate design, the packaging requires two printers to produce it, and it utilises the recent invertor which allows the board to be printed on the masterflex which can then be turned and printed on the inner liner.

The box is produced at Saica Pack’s Newport facility on the Alexandra Docks which recently benefited from internal investment to develop the facility, ensuring it has the technology required to print such complex designs.

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