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Performa Light by Stora Enso for high performance, lightweight packaging

Antalis has extended its portfolio of folding boxboards with the introduction of Performa Light, an eco friendly option for a variety of carton applications.

Performa Light is a GC2 folding boxboard that is light in weight but high in bulk and stiffness, offering a robustness that enables brands to create strong and firm packaging with less weight. Combining excellent smoothness, high brightness and whiteness, Performa Light has an exceptional visual appearance. A triple pigment coated top side delivers excellent print results while the white uncoated reverse side is industry leading.

It is a combination of features that lends itself to the creation of an array of premium packaging applications, including cosmetics, beauty and healthcare as well as other graphical applications. Food contact approved and taste and odour neutral, Performa Light is also the ideal choice for packaging chocolate, snacks and confectionery.

It is compatible with a range of printing techniques, including offset, flexo, rotogravure and digital and is ideal for finishing techniques such as embossing and hot foil stamping, ensuring almost unlimited scope in terms of the visual aesthetics that can be achieved.

Performa Light is manufactured at Stora Enso's Fors Mill in Sweden, with carbon neutral production using patented fibre treatment technology to save energy and raw materials without compromising packaging performance.

Steve Chappell, graphical board development manager at Antalis, said: ‘Lighter weight boards mean reduced environmental impact and a reduced carbon footprint at every stage of the packaging life cycle. However, Performa Light maintains improved strength due to microfibrillated cellulose in the structure. Lightweighting boards results in less end waste and lower CO2 emissions in transport, all of which helps to make Performa Light a responsible, sustainable choice.’

Performa Light is exclusively stocked in the UK and Ireland by Antalis in a wide range of sizes and weights.

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