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Old Norse legends inspire winner of O-I Design Awards 2021

A young British designer has won the 2021 O-I: Expressions Design Awards with an entry inspired by old Norse legends. The awards challenged young designers to create innovative and appealing brands in glass which tackled a very real issue faced by spirits owners – how to convey both premium brand cues and enhanced sustainability.

Rebecca Edwards, who works for Hunter Luxury Packaging, received her award at the Packaging Innovations Show in London.

Her design created a drinks brand called Ormr (Old Norse for snake) and derives from the story of the giant serpent Jörmungandr, which grows so large that it encircles the world. The packaging design explores the tactile capabilities of O-I: Expressions, utilising the potential for complex, detailed relief printing to offer a unique texture on the snakeskin.

Melianthe Leeman, O-I’s global category director, wine and spirits, said: ‘The judges* were entranced by the creativity of Rebecca’s design, in which the 360° depiction of the serpent captured the essence of the circular economy, in which glass plays such a vital role.’ (* One of whom was our very own MD, David Gamage).

Rebecca Edwards said, ‘It is an honour to be recognised in the competition and a great way to start my career in packaging design. As a designer at Hunter Luxury, I work predominantly on secondary packaging, so it was fun to work on a primary packaging project. The inspiration for the Old Norse influence in the design comes from a personal family link to Orkney and Shetland, which both have really interesting Viking history. The combination of this inspiration from old mythology, paired with a modern innovative manufacturing process, was a really interesting concept to explore.’

Each of the five finalists had their entries printed onto Lux bottles from O-I’s new Contemporary Spirits Collection.

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