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New TopClip launched by Royal Grolsch

Smurfit Kappa’s sustainable TopClip solution has been launched on the market by leading beer brewer Royal Grolsch as a paper based replacement for the plastic shrink wrap currently used on its can multi-packs.

Grolsch is part of the Asahi global food and beverage giant which owns a wide portfolio of brands including Peroni, Asahi beer, Mountain Dew and Schweppes tonic water. The TopClip product appealed to the company as it eliminates the need for single use plastic and is 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

By replacing all the shrink wrap with the sustainable TopClip product in the Netherlands, Grolsch will remove 100,000 kg of plastic annually which is equivalent to more than four million plastic bags.

The change is part of Grolsch’s goal to become a zero waste brewery.

TopClip delivers on both sustainability and functionality as the solution fully covers the top of can multi-packs, protecting them from contamination and providing excellent consumer handling and branding opportunities.

Speaking about the collaboration, Joost Nawijn, packaging development specialist at Grolsch, said: ‘In close cooperation with Smurfit Kappa, the inventor of the TopClip packaging, we are looking forward to marketing this sustainable packaging solution. 

‘An independent lifecycle analysis has shown that replacing the current plastic shrink wrap around the cans with the new TopClip packaging ensures a CO2 reduction of 36% compared to new plastic shrink wrap and 16% compared to recycled plastic shrink wrap. The total so-called eco costs are even halved. The combination of the sustainable character, the high quality appearance and the ease of use made Grolsch choose this solution.’

Arco Berkenbosch, Smurfit Kappa vice president of innovation and development, added: ‘We can't wait to see this breakthrough solution in the hands of the consumers. TopClip has generated significant interest since we launched it at Smurfit Kappa’s global Better Planet Packaging Day last November. 

‘The alignment between Grolsch’s goal of becoming a zero waste brewery and our Better Planet Packaging initiative reinforces the fact that it is the ideal partner to be the first on the market with this solution. We are delighted to support Grolsch in launching its revolutionary multipacks and look forward to facilitating the eventual conversion of all multi-packs from shrink wrap to TopClip.’

Smurfit Kappa’s TopClip product will make its debut this month in a selection of supermarkets in the Netherlands.

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