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Labelstream 4000 series becomes first Fogra PSD certified digital press

Canon has announced that the LabelStream 4000 series is the first digital press to have been certified by the Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies as meeting the specifications of its ProcessStandard Digital (PSD) Print Check. 

The certification confirms that the colour consistency, uniformity, detail sharpness and stability of print runs produced on the LabelStream 4000 comply with the requirements defined by Fogra PSD.

Yuan Li, responsible for pre-press technology at the Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies presents the Fogra certificate to Canon Production Printing’s colour consultant, Jochen Schäffner.

The evaluation of output produced on the LabelStream 4000, a six colour digital press, resulted in the printer’s colour gamut, homogeneity and coherence achieving the highest category score (Level A), indicating that the LabelStream’s colour gamut surpasses many seven colour digital label presses available on the market today.

Describing an industrial orientated and standardised procedure for the creation of digital print products, the Fogra Print Check, which is based on ISO/TS 15311-2, examines the colour fidelity, consistency, uniformity, print resolution and detail of digitally printed output.

The LabelStream 4000 series uses the industry proven and robust UV inkjet printheads, Xaar 2001+ UV, which deliver a high pigment load, and increased ink laydown capability to super size the colour gamut. With a colour gamut coverage of 96% at a Delta E 2000 of less than 2, LabelStream delivers high quality labels, accurately matched brand colours and consistent output on standard label stock.

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