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Great British Porridge Co goes fully recyclable

In a bid to play its part in combating climate change, The Great British Porridge Co has introduced fully recyclable packaging across its whole range.

The new packaging, which launches across the range from this November has been produced using fully recyclable material after months of extensive trials.

‘As a business we are committed to sustainability and our porridge is handmade using only natural and ethically sourced ingredients, lovingly mixed with the best British wholegrain oats. We are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and moving to recyclable packaging is a big part of that,’ commented Great British Porridge Co founder, Jacqueline Barleycorn.

‘We have spent much of 2020/21 looking at different compostable and recyclable materials and after seven material trials, we have picked the best solution for our brand and we are proud to say that we are now using 100% recyclable pouches.’

The new bags can be recycled in the same way that you recycle carrier bags in the UK – at the front of stores and at high street supermarkets. The new bags will come into production from November and will be a slow roll out to avoid the current bags ending up in landfill. ‘It makes us so proud and actually beaming with joy that our packaging can now be recycled easily across the UK,’ added Jacqueline.

The new packaging will be rolled out across all outlets, including Waitrose, Ocado and Sainsbury’s from mid November.

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