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Easyfairs and ExCeL promise sustainable event with London Packaging Week

Easyfairs and ExCeL are once again poised to out sustainability first with the upcoming London Packaging Week at ExCeL London on 11 and 12 September. Both organisations have committed to elevating environmental responsibility by implementing comprehensive sustainability measures throughout the event.


‘We are thrilled to partner with ExCeL London once again for London Packaging Week, setting new standards in sustainability within the events industry,’ said senior marketing manager James Montero-MacColl. ‘Together, we are committed to driving positive change and demonstrating that sustainable practices can redefine how events are managed.


‘By leveraging digital innovation and sustainable practices, we aim to deliver an exceptional experience at London Packaging Week while minimising our environmental footprint. From energy efficient technologies to zero waste strategies, it is about innovating today for a sustainable tomorrow.’

Easyfairs' London Packaging Week is at the forefront of sustainable event practices, incorporating initiatives designed to minimise environmental impact and promote responsible resource management, including:

  • Energy efficiency: prioritising energy conservation with meticulous monitoring and optimisation of lighting, heating, and HVAC systems from set up to teardown.

  • Production and waste: implementing effective waste management strategies, aiming for more than 70% of stands to be reusable, alongside a zero to landfill ExCeL waste management programme policy for exhibitor spaces and stands. Sustainable carpet solution to be used, and no single use plastics.


ExCeL London has certifications including carbon neutrality, ISO 14001, ISO 20121, and Planet Mark business certification.


Easyfairs recently released its inaugural annual sustainability report, reflecting transparency and progress towards its ‘Act for the Future’ strategy. Key achievements include a 33% reduction in carbon footprint since 2019, underscoring its proactive approach to sustainability leadership.


Nil Sönmez, chief sustainability officer, added: ‘Our business model has always leaned towards sustainability. We are especially delighted that we have reduced our group's carbon footprint by 33% since 2019. We are making real changes, and every little bit counts. Of course, there is much more to do. We are doing good but aiming for great.’

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