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Easy to recycle plastic free chocolate calendar

Ifolor, an international photo service company, has launched a completely plastic free and experiential chocolate calendar that can be personalised with your own photos. After use, the calendar is easy to recycle in the paperboard collection.

The calendars are made from Metsä Board's lightweight and durable folding boxboard, which accurately reproduces the printed photo. The strong but lightweight inner structure of the calendar is made of Metsä Board's white kraftliner. The personalised chocolate photo calendars are a collaboration between ifolor and PackageMedia, part of Pyroll Packaging.

‘We want to offer our customers a personalised experience that combines their own photo with chocolate indulgence. We chose a responsible and recyclable material for our calendars, where the photo looks good and the chocolate tastes as it should. Another new offering this year is a Christmas calendar produced in collaboration with the Finnish pop star Robin Packalen, which features not only chocolate but also unique, virtual content in QR codes printed on the boxes,’ said Kati Sulin, CEO of ifolor.

‘PackageMedia's digital packaging factory wants to enable new, innovative solutions that are at the same time sustainable. For example, we offer a digital storage model to minimise waste, and we are working responsibly to add functions to the packaging itself – this is great for consumer media. At its best, packaging should be a modern interactive user interface or a service to the consumer,’ said Mauri Reinilä, CEO of PackageMedia.

The MetsäBoard Prime FBB Bright used in the calendar is ideal for graphic end uses thanks to its high brightness and excellent printability. The company’s folding boxboards and white kraftliners are also safe for packaging sensitive foods such as chocolate.

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