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A greener alternative with the Frugal Bottle

FrugalPac have launched their new Frugal Bottle as a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to plastic or glass.

Made from recycled paperboard with a food grade liner, the Frugal Bottle is one fifth of the weight of a glass wine bottle, with just one sixth of the carbon footprint. (Based on analysis by the Intertek Group).

The first customer for the Frugal Bottle is Cantina Goccia, with 3Q, an Italian Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet blend red wine, (pictured below) and FrugalPac are in discussions with various wineries and distilleries to bring the eco-friendly recycled bottle to more markets as soon as possible.

The Frugal Bottle is made from 94% recycled paperboard, with a plastic food-grade liner to contain the wine or spirits within, similar in concept to a bag-in-box.

Whilst there is still some plastic involved the bottle uses ‘up to 77% less’ than a plastic bottle and that the plastic lining is recyclable.

For recycling either the whole bottle can be placed in your bin or you can separate the two parts for disposal. Being paperboard, the packaging can be easily printed too.

'We’ve had fantastic feedback from people who’ve trialled the Frugal Bottle. As well as the superior environmental benefits, it looks and feels like no other bottle you have ever seen.’ said Malcolm Waugh, Frugalpac’s CEO.

'Our mission is to design, develop and supply sustainable packaging. The Frugal Bottle offers a major point of difference for the global wine and spirits sector through stand out design and positive sustainable benefits.

Frugalpac’s business model is to supply Frugal Bottle machines for wine producers or packaging companies to manufacture the bottles on their site, cutting carbon emissions even further. Materials can be purchased locally through existing paperboard printers to give maximum freedom of design and the best commercial offering.'

Intertek Group -

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