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The Label Makers transforms Halfpenny Green’s premium wine labels

The Label Makers has recently worked with Halfpenny Green Wine Estate, to produce a new look sustainable label for its oak aged Solaris wine. The design, which marks a natural evolution of the key feature of a signature coin on the label, a hallmark of all wines produced by the estate, is due to be rolled out across the other premium range bottles within the next month, with plans to extend this to the entire range.


Established over 40 years ago, Halfpenny Green Wine Estate is one of the largest vineyards in the UK, producing award winning wines from its 30 acre vineyard in South Staffordshire. The family run estate is known for its high quality wines and a variety of wine tasting experiences, drawing visitors from across the region to enjoy its picturesque setting and exceptional wines.

Crafted using uncoated white matt wood free printing paper with a feltmarked finish, the labels reflect both aesthetic excellence and environmental responsibility. The material is designed to withstand challenging conditions with its wet strength and fungicidal treatment, ensuring the labels remain pristine even in wet environments like ice buckets. Additionally, the laminate contains 70% post consumer recycled content (PCR), reinforcing The Label Makers' and its customers’ commitment to sustainability.


The new labels feature advanced printing techniques, including full colour digital print, intricate lines, foils, embossing, high build spot varnish and spot flexo on the coin detail and colours, ensuring remarkable standout appeal. The redesigned coin, now a more prominent feature, significantly enhances the label's visual impact. Wolverhampton based design agency, The Studio Group, created all branding and redesigns.

‘As far as we are concerned, The Label Makers has been the 'go to' in the industry for beverage labels since August 2017, when we started working with the company,’ said Julian Sollom, head of sales at Halfpenny Green Wine Estate. ‘The Label Makers really understands drinks labels, producing consistently high quality products, such as scuff resistant labels that maintain their integrity in shipping and in ice buckets. Our longstanding relationship has seen the company consistently produce premium labels perfectly tailored for their intended purpose.’


Dan Wilson, business development manager at The Label Makers, said: ‘As always when we work with companies like Halfpenny Green, which has a strong brand ethos and sustainability stipulation throughout its business, we do our utmost to match the requirements. Clear communication between ourselves and the client throughout the project was key to ensuring that the brief was followed to the letter, so we could extract as much as possible from the design details. Having established a great working relationship with the estate, we are proud to have been part of this project and its ongoing success. We look forward to working with the company in the future.’

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