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New Astral Range from Foilco

Foilco prides itself on its forward thinking approach to foil solutions – taking pre-existing or developing issues within the print industry and creating unique products to help solve them.

Glitter, a history long, micro-plastic problem, that has already had its fair share of media coverage, is now being used as a benchmark for the type of finishing ‘not’ to use in print.

Foilco has developed the perfect glitter alternative, which it is calling the Astral Range – a hyper-realistic glitter effect foil created exclusively for the company.

The range, consisting of silver and gold variations has all the aesthetically pleasing attributes of traditional glitter products but comes with the additional peace of mind that the printed paper or board remains a fully re-pulpable product.

Accurate edges and incredible precision are just two of the reasons brands specify stamping foils, and now you can guarantee the perfect glitter finish on all your packaging or card requirements.

‘When walking into supermarkets it is immediately evident which brands are acting upon their sustainability promises and which of those are less eco conscious than they suggest. Most traditional glitters are on the way out and for good reason, but it would be a shame to lose the effect entirely,’ said Jaime Evans, marketing manager.

‘We saw the need to develop a product, a stamping foil alternative to traditional glitters so that the print industry didn’t lose all of the positive benefits that glitter does bring. We developed the Astral Range to sparkle in direct light. We have made it initially in bright silver and gold and are now developing micro glitter versions of our holographic colours to support the range. The greeting card market is incredibly competitive and standing out is essential for sales. We are confident that bringing a product to the market that ticks all of the environmentally friendly boxes but loses none of the impact of traditional glitters will see ‘glitter’ effects back on the shelves,’ added Jaime.

Coupled with Foilco’s ZeroFoil2Landfill (ZF2L) initiative, specifying the Astral Range would see a closed loop of sustainable resource management. Printers, converters and finishers who are signed up to the ZF2L scheme will see all of the stamped foil collected on completion of their projects before it is then converted to solid recovered fuel and used as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Foilco has created a finite number of Astral Range sample packs, which have been directly mailed to customers, agencies and brands however sample cards can be sent out on request by e-mailing

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