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Frugalpac introduces innovative Frugal Cup Linerless

Frugalpac has added another innovative option to its range of sustainable coffee cups – the Frugal Cup Linerless.

Made from virgin paper, sourced entirely from sustainably accredited forests, the Frugal Cup Linerless is specially treated with a unique coating which makes it suitable for hot and cold drinks while still allowing the pulp to break down during the standard paper recycling process. 

Paul McReynolds, head of sales and marketing at Frugalpac, stated: ‘We are delighted to be able to reveal our latest development, the Frugal Cup Linerless, as another alternative to the majority of difficult to recycle coffee cups. We are committed to supporting a circular economy and through our continuous innovation we aim to place Frugalpac at the forefront of sustainable packaging.’

The Frugal Cup Linerless, developed using Frugalpac’s innovative manufacturing technology, is available in 8 oz, 12 oz and 16 oz sizes, with the option to either create a bespoke branded cup or an original Frugalpac design, offering complete flexibility. 

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